The History of Honda Bikes

Bikes or motor bikes are very convenient way of relaxation. It is relatively flexible and can go to places cars cannot fit. Bike riding is very much enjoyable especially when you have insurance from a reputable company like charities insurance. Many people prefer Honda motor bikes because they come from a company that has been in the industry for a long time. Honda bikes are manufactured by Honda Motor Company, Limited which is a Japanese multinational company known for manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles.

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Honda Motor Company was founded by somebody known as Soichiro Honda. Initially Soichiro Honda made engines to be attached to bicycles. That became the birth of the first Honda model known as Bata Bata owing to the sound made by the engines. Honda motor company later grew to become the largest manufacturer of motorcycles by 1964.

The first production of automobile though began in 1963 with the production of the T360 mini pick-up truck. This was a vehicle powered by a small 356c cc straight-4 gasoline engine. Its rear wheels were chain driven a great similarity to bikes.


Honda started by marketing its bikes only in Japan they were so aggressive in their marketing that by1955 it was the leading motorcycle manufacturing industry. The production of Honda motor bikes peaked around 1982 when it was manufacturing almost 3 million motorcycles annually.

Riding on its manufacturing success Honda started looking for market abroad for the bikes. This bore some fruits when in1960s it began exporting its bikes to the U.S. The first motorcycle riders in the U.S were known to be tough, antisocial rebels. When Honda contacted a marketing agency called Grey Advertising they capitalized on the prevailing negative attitude to motorcyclist by using the slogan "You meet the nicest people on Honda"

This advertising campaign was largely a success and ran for three years, in the year 1963 following the campaign Honda sold 90,000 motorcycles. The success of Honda a relatively small company became a subject of debate in many places. How could a small company like Honda make such huge sales abroad beating other giants in the same field?

Many however have come to conclusion that it was due to its focus on leadership in technology in internal combustion engines.

Honda has produced many models of bike models some of them are the CB series, CBR series, CM series and others. Honda motorcycles have extensive range of bikes from off-road motorcycles to street bikes to cruises. In the 80s for example Honda introduced the motorcycle which came to be well known as-the Honda Gold wing. This is touring cruiser offering one of the best features like, music, communication and navigation systems. That leaves the rider with only insurance from reputable company like charity insurance to worry about.

Currently one can proudly say that Honda is the leading motorcycle manufacturer for today's top on --road and off-road riders. With the experience they have from years of manufacturing, they deliver high performance motorcycles that highly reliable. The dream of Mr. Soichiro Honda of producing cheap reliable means of transport for people after 2 world war finally became true.